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Well, sort of? The Critical Productions website relaunch is live a few days early to make sure we get all the kinks out and our SEO stuff has time to populate. We’re going to be lauching a new marketing campaign soon and this site is the primary source of interaction for anyone interested in our [...]

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What is a Browser?

A friend linked this to me and I was amazed by it so I thought I’d share: In a nutshell, an interviewer walked the streets of downtown New York and asked 50 pedestrians of different ages and backgrounds basic questions about the internet. Now I guess I have a significant advantage being a web designer [...]

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New Year, New Site!

Yesterday the partners here at Critical Productions sat down and held a “company review” meeting. Not about budgets, not about clients, not about anything specific – More a review of the company as a whole. What happened in the past year that was a success? What will we do this year to maintain or expand [...]

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