New Year, New Site!

Yesterday the partners here at Critical Productions sat down and held a “company review” meeting. Not about budgets, not about clients, not about anything specific – More a review of the company as a whole. What happened in the past year that was a success? What will we do this year to maintain or expand on that success? Are we happy with the direction the company is going? Sounds kind of psycho analytic looking back, but the outcome of the meeting was fantastic! Here are a few points I’d like to share with you all. “Key Successes of 2009″ (the quick version)

  • Gross income of over 200% from last year. If only that translated to NET income…. ><
  • Expanded our render farm to contain over 40 cores
  • Implemented a new digital phone system
  • Got Married (I guess that’s a personal success…)

We also have several changes in store for this year, of which I’ll just touch on the most immediate – February 1st we will be launching a major new marketing campaign, including a new website! Why change our site? (especially when our existing site is so cool?) Well, the main feature we’ve realized we need in our company website is UPDATABILITY. With the speed in which technology changes, our team is constantly making advancements and improvements to our procedures and techniques – This is something our clients see on a regular basis because of their regular interaction with us, but it’s a little harder to convey to the public. Ideally, we’d just add samples of our new work to our website, but unfortunately updating our existing site is “inconvenient” (see- “a pain in the ass”) at best. So, with that in the front of our minds, the idea of a new site was pitched – This site would be first and foremost easy to update. In fact, it’ll be SO easy, even our Sales Manager (and other non-techies) can do it! We also want to show our extensive portfolio more prominently, so some changes will be made there too. The color scheme was the next to go, as we’ve been tossing around the idea of a “dark” theme for sometime now. Throw in some new artwork, some feature projects, and integrate twitter/facebook/linkedin, and you’ve got a whole new image! Remember, ETA is Feb. 1st. Check back for updates!

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