What is a Browser?

A friend linked this to me and I was amazed by it so I thought I’d share:


In a nutshell, an interviewer walked the streets of downtown New York and asked 50 pedestrians of different ages and backgrounds basic questions about the internet. Now I guess I have a significant advantage being a web designer and all, but I totally not expecting the results they got! Only 8% of the people interviewed knew what a browser was, let alone the difference between a browser and a search engine! This is a great example of why Search Engine Optimization is so important – While only 8% knew what a browser was, all of them knew the question had to do with the internet and the majority answered that it was for “searching” – This clearly illustrates that while they might not know how to type in a web address directly, they sure know how to search!

If you want your potential clients/customers/users to visit to your site, you’ll need to make sure it’s searchable! That’s where we come in – Search Engine Optimization is a specialty of ours… Here’s a couple examples you can even try for yourself. www.royaltavern.ca – This site, although quite simple and small, was fully Search Engine Optimized. Try googling it yourself – It comes out on top, beating the older and more desirable address of “www.royaltavern.com”. www.letsgetorganized.net – Again, another very basic, small site, with full SEO. Googling ‘lets get organized” will put it on top, beating letsgetorganized.com, letsgetorganized.ca, and other larger, older sites. Obviously this is just an example of what good SEO can do, there’s several other ways SEO can be focused to better suite the specific needs of a client. Whether you’re targeting specific keywords, a specific audience, or just trying to get your domain found, Search Engine Optimization is essential!

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