GTFRC Launch – “Thanks for a great product …”

A few weeks ago we launched the new website for Growing Together Family Resource Center. While the site is relatively straight forward in terms of programming complexity, it’s got a few really cool features that we implemented specifically to address the needs of the client. There’s a “Submit your Schedule” tool to allow parents to quickly and easily schedule stays that dynamically expands to accommodate as many dates as needed. There’s also a Twitter feed to allow for news updates to be posted to the site, which was the fastest, most efficient way to give our clients an interface for adding news updates to their site. Debbi Sluys, the Director of GTFRC was so pleased she offered a testimonial;


“Even though I am not “tech savy” I was educated on the process and feel confident using the various services e.g. Twitter.  Thanks for a great product and excellent service! … I will recommend your company.”

We listen to the needs of the client, and work with them to provide a solution that will address those needs while staying within budget. It’s a great example of how we ensure even an  ‘average’ project with Critical Productions is extraordinary!

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