Happy New Year! We revisit 2010

An example of one of the new rendering styles offered

The last year has flown by… It seems like just last month I was writing the recap of 2009! Anyway, 2010 was a big year for us as a company:

  • Gross income up approx. 80%
  • Expanded our client base by approx. 25%
  • Upgraded our hardware, software and rendering techniques (yet again)
  • My wife and I had our first child (Again, more of a personal achievement, but I’m sure everyone at the office and even some of our clients will remember this one!)

We’ve got high hopes for 2011 too – For starters we’re revisiting our site (always seems to be a priority with each new year…) any updating our portfolio material. We’ll also be updating our featured projects so you guys can see more examples some of our cooler projects of 2010. We’re also pushing our growth with a beefed up marketing budget to make sure our name gets out there – Every builder needs renderings, and every business owner needs a website, so we want to make sure everyone knows the best place to go for either is Critical Productions!

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