Who We Are

Behind the Curtain…

The force behind Critical Productions is a small, elite team of professionals coming from many different fields of expertise. We’re a unique bunch – Possibly a little too unique for the general public, but our uniqueness makes us great designers, programmers, and artists!

We make every project personal, as the prosperity and success of our clients is always our goal. We want you to succeed! We’ve also embraced the fact that while we might have graduated years ago, we’ll never stop being students – Our fields are constantly changing, and therefore we’re constantly learning. We are always trying to improve and develop our techniques so our clients get the best and newest stuff around.

If you’ve got a project in mind, give us a call!

Our Principles

Integrity tops this list because without it, our principles are nothing but words on paper (or a monitor!). We are fun loving and easy going people, but we take our company and our way of doing business seriously. Our principles are so deeply entwined in what we do that we follow them effortlessly.

We firmly believe that honesty is key in every relationship, not only professional ones. We will tell you if we think something isn’t right for you or if there is a more efficient way to do something. We believe that honesty is the foundation that trust is built on.

In sync with honesty, we believe effective and regular communication is the best way to ensure trust is maintained and strengthened. We do our very best to ensure clients know everything about their projects.

Our services are all offered at maximum efficiency to ensure that you, as a client, are getting the most for your money and we can maintain profitability. If for any reason our efficiency is hurt, we will never sacrifice client satisfaction.

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